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The Tax Classification and goods description are procedures of vital importance for establishing the taxes and the administrative procedures regarding import and export operations.


The wrong tax classification and products description is currently the cause of most fines and delays that overtax and compromise the process. The customs review performed by the Brazilian Federal Revenue is also a procedure that brings great concern to the companies, since it investigates the operations from the last five (5) years, inspecting the information provided, the good standing of the payment and the right taxes collection.

O que é Classificação Fiscal da Freitas Inteligência Aduaneira

Our Solutions

Freitas has a technical team prepared for making the necessary adjustments in tax classification and goods description:

  • Databank

  • In Company

  • Technical

  • Solution for consultation
    before the
    Brazilian Federal Revenue

Count on Freitas to perform the tax classification and goods description of your products, reducing the risks in foreign trade operations and assuring the safety and peace necessary for your project.

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